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probate attorneys required for Florida probateThe Florida Probate Lawyer is an AV rated law firm in Florida, with a experienced probate attorneys and trust administration lawyers, paralegals and administrative staff, all of whom work to bring you representation and counsel for your probate matters, to conclusion timely and efficiently. Our law practice is limited to probate administration, trust administration, and probate and trust litigation matters in probate courts throughout the State of Florida.

When you need experienced Florida probate counsel, we provide for the transfer of estate assets at a reasonable cost for probate attorney fees, and other costs of administration. Our main office is in Jacksonville, Florida, and we represent and counsel executors, personal representatives, creditors, trustees, and beneficiaries in the administration of probate estates and trust administrations throughout the State of Florida. We can answer your questions about how to probate an estate in Florida.

Florida Probate Lawyer and Attorney

Our 30+ years of experience helps us help you avoid unnecessary delays, costs, and to resolve your probate needs quickly and efficiently. If you need a probate attorney in Florida, call us toll free at 866-510-9099 or email us at Info@TheFloridaProbateLawyer.com.

We provide information about probate law at this website, including the Florida Probate Code that contains the probate statutes and other related areas of the law such as the Florida Trust Code, The Florida Rules of Probate Procedure, and other legal issues that involve the probate of an estate in Florida.

You can also find information about probate litigation, Florida trust litigation, the administration of a revocable living trust after the death of the grantor(s), and other information useful to those who may need to initiate, or are involved in, a probate proceeding in the Florida probate courts or a trust administration for a revocable living trust after the death of the trust maker.

As experienced Florida probate lawyers, we have assisted our clients with hundreds of probate matters, including formal probate administration, summary probate administration and ancillary probate administration. We have probated testate probates (with a will) and intestate probates (with no will), as well as trust administration, throughout the State of Florida.

We are experienced with handling the exercise of the surviving spouse’s elective share, as well as the special rules associated with the surviving spouse’s right to homestead, whether a life estate or the right to elect to receive a 50% ownership interest in the homestead property.

When you need an experienced Florida probate attorney, please call us toll free at 866-510-9099, or email us at Info@TheFloridaProbateLawyer.com. We can help you administer your probate as quickly and efficiently as possible, at a reasonable fee.

As experienced Florida probate lawyers and attorneys, we know how important it is for the probate estate administration process to be completed as required by the Florida law of probate, as soon as reasonably possible, and as efficiently as possible, at the least cost for attorney fees and other professional fees.

Regardless of whether you already are in probate, or whether you have the need to probate a will for a house probate for real estate, if you need to probate a deed for real estate in Florida, or you have an estate that is subject to the estate tax. Our probate lawyers and estates attorneys provide counsel to you with complete and timely information regarding the status and activities of your probate case. We are experienced with the law of probate, the Florida probate code, estates and trusts law, guardianship law, probate rules, probate courts, and the probate court forms necessary for complying with probate law. Our probate lawyers and trust attorneys counsel you on each phase of the probate estate administration process and provide probate information and direction for each step that must be taken in the probate process.

When handling a summary procedure probate, we work quickly and efficiently to obtain your results as quickly as the probate system will allow. Our fees for a summary procedure are usually fixed – so you know exactly what it will cost before you start the probate process – and are quite reasonable because our experience provides the basis for our efficiency.

If you need a Florida probate lawyer to represent you in probate court in Florida, please call us toll free at 866-510-9099, or email us at Info@TheFloridaProbateLawyer.com.

We promptly respond to all of your questions, explain to you what to expect in the probate process, the requirements of the Florida probate code and rules. We patiently provide you with a complete explanation about probate and property with regard to what needs to be done to comply with probate law, the probate code and rules of court.

Our Florida probate attorney’s fees for representing you in the administration of a probate estate administration will depend on the facts and circumstances of your particular case. Often our probate lawyers, trust attorneys, and estate attorneys, will work on a flat fee or fixed fee basis. Other times, a probate lawyer’s, trust attorney’s or estate attorney’s hourly rates are appropriate. In particular, if your probate administration is for the sole purpose of a Florida real estate probate, i.e., transferring title to real property, our probate lawyers usually will work with you on a fixed fee basis, so that you will know from the beginning exactly what your total costs will be for the probate process.

If you need legal representation or counsel from a Florida probate attorney for a will in probate, for summary probate administration to probate a last will and testament, to probate real estate or a house in probate, for probate litigation or estate litigation, a guardianship, or any other probate related matter that is in the Florida probate courts, please contact The Florida Probate Lawyer, for your probate, trust or guardianship lawyer or attorney by calling toll free 866-510-9099, or email us at Info@TheFloridaProbateLawyer.com.